Dinner with Jacinta

Last night was a lovely night.  We did the usual bus to West Drayton station, train to Paddington, and tube to Charing Cross (Trafalgar Square).  Jacinta got there at about 7pm, and so we started walking to Soho to find somewhere to eat.  After stopping for directions numerous times, we got there only to discover that it wasn't all that exciting.  So we got directions back to Covent Garden, and ended up having dinner at a lovely restaurant near the Royal Opera House.  I had the traditional Bangers and Mash, which was really nice, followed by a chocolate orange cake with warm chocolate sauce.  We had a really nice night, chatting to Jacinta, laughing about my 'meet the Burbank crew' experience nearly 3 years go, and just generally having a laugh about all sorts of things.

When the restaurant basically started packing up around us, we figured we should probably make tracks.  So we found the nearest tube station, said goodbye to Jacinta and headed our separate ways.  It was interesting being in London in the middle of the night, coz we got to see all sorts of sights, including a girl about my age, wearing tiny little shorts (kinda like old-fashioned exercise pants) with long socks, a shirt and a long sleeve shirt over the top – how she was not freezing her butt off I will never know, lol.  Adrian and I got to Paddington Station and bought tickets to get home, only to discover 5 minutes later that our train had been cancelled.  The next one wasn't for another hour, which would have been at half-past midnight, so we took a deep breath and got a taxi back to the hotel.  We arrived home at about 12.15, and it cost 45 pound, which is ok in pound, but scarily expensive when you convert it!!  Needless to say we hit the sack straight away …

Today Adrian spent the day working, while I pottered around on the computer, mainly transferring photos from the camera to the laptop.  With a bit of luck, after dinner, there will be some more photos up on the website.  I also continued reading my book (which they had as an audio book on the flight over) and am really enjoying it.  It's called I Don't Know How She Does It, and is about a female fund manager, juggling the duties of work, being a mum, and trying to be a good wife.  It's set in London, so the places she is talking about are actually familiar now, which is kinda cool 🙂  By the way Fran you would love this book – you should buy it!!  We went into Maidenhead for lunch at the local pub, The Bear, got a bank cheque for the real estate agent, and tried to get internet sorted out, but until I get my bankcard, or the pin for the credit card, I am still a bit short on ID and proof of address … not to worry, will hopefully sort that out tomorrow.

I am currently catching up on emails while we wait for room service.  We decided to splurge and have dinner in our room, since it's our last night here.  Yes that's right, we are moving into our unit tomorrow – yaaaaaay!!  Dinner has just arrived so will leave it at that, and hopefully talk to you all soon xoxo

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