Real London Weather

Yesterday was the first day we experienced real London weather – rain!  Although we managed to do well in avoiding it mostly.  I headed off on my own in the morning to an appointment with Select Education, another one of my agencies.  Phil, my consultant, is really nice and has a crazy sense of humour – reminded me a bit of Tim actually.  So I had a chat to him about all sorts of things, including possible job opportunities, and then I made my way home to the hotel.  Adrian and I then drove to Slough, had lunch and looked around at the different phone shops for mobile and internet options.  Then Adrian dropped me off at my interview so that he could go back to the hotel for a sales call.

The interview was at a school in Slough, which I was quite looking forward to.  However, the position isn't really for me, as it's mainly Travel and Tourism, building up to half half with Business Studies.  So feeling a bit disappointed that I now don't have a promising 'gig' I decided I would catch a bus to the train station and make my way home.  I messaged Adrian so that when he finished on his sales call he could give me a ring, and possibly pick me up from wherever I was at the time.  So I walked for about 20 minutes till I finally found a bus stop.  About 5 minutes later the bus arrived, but it didn't use the Oyster card system, and I had no cash, so I was stranded in Slough.  Luckily Adrian called at that exact moment and told me he'd come and rescue me.  Things nearly got worse when it started raining, but it held off pouring till I got in the car.

We decided to go to Maidenhead for dinner to check out the local restaurants, and see what we could see.  We found a cute little Italian restaurant called Mamma Rosa, and we were served by Mamma Rosa herself (well we assume it to be her).  She was so adorable – reminded me heaps of Nan (Anderson).  We both had to try the Lasagne …. for those of you who don't know, Adrian and I like to try the Lasagne everywhere we go.  At the moment Elios is on top, but Mamma Rosa comes pretty close …. I then got some money out, so I wouldn't get stranded anywhere again, and we came home.  Checked emails, did a few things and then called it a night.

Today is a nice quiet day for both of us – Adrian is working and I am just mucking around on the internet.  Speaking of which, my computer doesn't really have good internet access, so until Friday replies to emails, posts etc may be delayed until Adrian needs a break from work (such as now).  We have an appointment on Friday morning to sign the lease for the unit, so that is very exciting.  Still not sure what's happening with jobs for me, but will keep you all posted.

P.S we may be going to buy an iPhone – fingers crossed it works (coz you have to do credit checks) …. 🙂

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