Getting a Job

We have had a very busy few days here in London.  We spent saturday exploring parts of London, and managed to meet up with Jacinta (Adrian's aunt) for the afternoon and evening.  Went to a nice little Italian restaurant, which was reasonably priced, but I have to say the service in London leaves a lot to be desired.  Anyway we had planned to meet Jacinta in the morning to go to the 'changing of the guards' ceremony together, but our bodies had other ideas – we slept in till 11.30am!!  It had been a huge few weeks and we were behind in more sleep than we realised.  So we headed out to do some exploring of Maidenhead, found the local supermarket (a new Sainsbury's) as well as a few good-looking restaurants.  We managed to buy some cereal and small long-life milk so that we don't have to pay for hotel breakfasts all week.  

We had lunch at Pizza Express, which does awesome (healthy-ish) pizzas, and then came back to the hotel to do the washing.  We met Jacinta back at the Maidenhead train station and took her to see the unit (from the outside coz we don't have the keys yet).  We did a bit of driving around, and then decided we were starving, so stopped at a place called Beefeater, which was mainly a seafood and steak restaurant, but I had a lovely chicken meal.  After dinner we dropped Jacinta at the tube station at Heathrow and came back to the hotel to get ready for today.  It was lovely to spend time with Jacinta and we hope to catch up with her again before she goes home.

Today was a busy day.  We got up bright and early, and were all set ready to go at 8am until we discovered the windscreen of the car was iced over, and the rental company didn't provide us with an ice pick or anything.  So we did what we had done over the weekend and walked to the bus station, caught a bus to the train station, and then went our separate ways.  Adrian went to Maidenhead to hand in our application forms with the real estate agent, while I headed into Covent Garden for my first appointment with Smart Teachers.  My consultant, Priscilla, was so helpful and so excited to be finally meeting after all the email and phone communication.  She has been hunting for jobs for me, and has found a really good one in Slough, for which I have an 'informal meeting' tomorrow with the Deputy.  I then fumbled my way round the city trying to get to the next appointment at Chancery Lane, with Protocol.  They are a much larger company, but I found them to be too large – so far in one day I have dealt with 4 different people – 1 to help with the initial process, forms etc, 1 who deals directly with the schools, 1 to help set up a bank account, and 1 who deals with availability.  Plus they had no jobs lined up for me.  Anyway after taking longer at the bank than anticipated I was then going to be extremely late for my final appointment in Reading, so I rang and changed it to tomorrow morning.  

Adrian is currently downstairs having coffee with the sales guy from Ephox, so needless to say tonight will be another early night.  I think we are just going to get dinner here at the hotel, coz it's too hard to keep going out all the time.  

On a side note I had forgotten how long and tedious it can be to get from an outer-London area into the main section of London.  But it has been made a lot easier thanks to the Oyster card Eenie bought us – you can use it on most buses and all undergrounds, and it works out the cheapest option and deducts it from the total amount of 'credit' on your card.  The only thing we have to get tickets for is the overground line (First Great Western).

I will keep you posted with jobs, the unit etc and look forward to talking with you properly once we move into our unit and get set up.  Lots of love to you all xoxo

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