Back in San Fran safely

Adrian and I spent yesterday mucking around on the computer and playing pool.  Oh and we wathced Grey's Anatomy on the massive screen downstairs.  The roast chicken that Damien and Nicole made for dinenr was scrumptious.  We had chicken, mixed veggies and roast veggies (potato, sweet potato and pumpkin), with a lovely gravy.  After dinner we cleaned the house up ready for our dpearture in the morning.

We went in the extra rental car with Bill and Andrew, except they couldn't get a 4WD, so we had to put chains on.  That was ok coz there was someone on the side of the road fitting them for $30, but it meant we had to go quite slow.  It was also a challenge for Bill and Andrew when it came to taking them off again.  We stopped at a Starbucks for a quick fix, then kept going towards the office.  We arrive just after 1pm, so a little slower than going up, but that is to be expected without a 4WD.

I am now sitting at a desk in the office, happily mucking around with emails, blogs, and Will & Grace while the men all get to work.  I think Andrew is going to take Adrian and I out for dinner (hopefully Italian!!).  Then I believe the plan for tomorrow is that we will come into the office in the morning, and get a taxi from here to the airport to fly out to London.

We have had a lovely time at Lake Tahoe – a lot of technical talk – but I always expected that.  The men did appreciate that I gave up 'my man' for so long over the past couple of days, and then again this arvo and tomorrow morning.  The boring patches were far outweighed by the beautiful scenery, and good humour of the company we were with.

The next time I blog will more than likely be from London – which is going to be warm in comparison to the temperatures we've been experiencing – so final destination here we come!


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