Dinner at Nepheles

Last night the men managed to get everything done that they needed to.  Adrian went to the toilet, but didn't get very far as he noticed it was blocked.  Since Dennis had experience with a blocked toilet from the day we arrived when he and Bill managed to nearly flood the guesthouse, Adrian gave him the plunger.  So Dennis fixed the toilet, we all got ready and headed out for dinner.

Adrian and I went with Antony and John, and arrived first at the restaurant Nepheles (Creative Californian Cuisine) so arranged for a table of ten to be set up.  While they were doing that, we all sat down for a drink, and perused the menu.  Unfortunately the menu consisted of steaks, seafoods, things with mushroom, duck or elk.  I wasn't too impressed, but figured I'd have to 'get over it', so I ordered the Filet Mignon with brie cheese and blackberry port wine sauce.  Being in America, the side dish of salad came first.  It was quite nice, and once we'd eated that, then our mains were delivered.  I have to say that while we were waiting for our meals I had a lovely chat to Andrew, mainly about travel.  My Filet Mignon was simply superb – the best steak I've ever eaten!

We continued to have a lot of fun, getting advice about London from Dennis, as well as hearing all the stories about how people have been confusing Melinda with Matilda (the dog).  Andrew figures he's safe for a while, since Melinda even mucked up her own name on one occassion.  The funniest part of the evening was when Dennis, Andrew and I looked at the bill, and were surprised at how cheap it was.  We figured there had to be a mistake, but weren't going to complain – Dennis was just going to tip generously instead.  That was until Andrew turned the page over to discover the real price (the bottom line) – which was more than 3 times that of the original figure.  Well the 3 of us were in histerics of laughter, and Dennis quickly took some of the tip out ๐Ÿ˜›

We headed home with Antony and John again, only this time I got to sit in the front seat, with the seat warmers – total bliss, considering it was -17 degrees outside.  We quickly remembered that the others had the house key, but they were going home via the shop to pick up a few things.  So John stopped a random car (that he thought was Damien) and was about to ask them for the house keys – luckily he got close enough to realise it wasn't them … When we got back to the house, John walked around the back to see if the door downstairs was open, which it wasn't, and he ended up knee high in snow.  So the 4 of us, plus Dennis and Marco in another car, decided that it would be best to wait in the garage, sitting in the cars with them running.  There has been a recurring joke with Antony about who he would eat first if we got snowed in and ran out of food – normally Adrian has been fearing for his life, but at this point John was in the front seat, getting nicely pre-heated ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

The others weren't too far behind us, but when we got inside, Andrew discovered that the upstairs toilet was blocked too, so then we told all sorts of toilet stories before going to bed.  We had a wonderful night, with lots of laughter and many funny memories.

Breakfast this morning was interesting.  The fridge hasn't been working very well – it's been heating instead of chilling, so we have another fridge going.  It involves openeing the door in the kitchen, placing stuff on the floor on the patio, and getting again when you need it.  It has worked well until we forgot about leaving stuff out overnight in the freezing temperatures.  So I had cereal with frozen/slushy milk – an interesting experience.  Today is a free day, so Bill and Adrian got a lift with Damien and Nicole to pick up the extra hire car, and the rest of the crew have gone skiing.  Adrian and I are going to have a quiet day in, and then Damien, Nicole and John are making roast chicken for dinner.  Nothing like a good roast when its freezing temperatures outside.

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