Cooking for 12

So last night the men were taking longer than expected with their planning session downstairs.  They were going well and therefore wanted to keep going while they were on a roll.  This was fine, except that it left the women (rather, me) to cook for 12 people.  So I spent half an hour peeling potatoes, then got them boiling.  Bill then came and started making the Bratwurst sausages, while I made up some gravy on the stove.  I should mention that in order to cook I had to clean up the dishes from the night before that didn't fit in the dishwasher.  It all worked out, and we had a lovely meal.  Just as we were finishing Marco (Director of Marketing) arrived so we stayed at the table while he ate his dinner.  One end of the table continued to talk, while the other end started playing cards.  Adrian and I hit the sack early, because there were more planning sessions starting early in the morning.

This morning the men got started straight after breakfast, so the girls were left to fend for themselves.  I have spent the day doing invitations and party games for Katharine's Kitchen Tea Party, sending emails, and watching Will & Grace on the laptop.  For lunch we had leftover spaghetti bolognese, but with rice instead of pasta.  The men continued with their sessions, and I spent some time showing Kelly our wedding photos, and photos of Meika.  Kelly and Melinda headed home about an hour ago, so the next dilemma was working out how to get everyone home on Wednesday, given the lack of cars.  The solution was to hire a car, that I think Adrian and I will use – but we'll see how that ends up.

Now that we have made that decision, and agreed that going out for dinner sounds good, the men have gone downstairs to finish off their planning.  I think the idea is that in the couple of hours before dinner they can get everything the need to done, so that tomorrow we can have a free day – again, we'll see how that ends up.  So I'm back on the computer chatting to a few people, and planning to watch some more Will & Grace.

Before I go I have to tell you all how absolutely beautiful it is up here – everything is white.  Just after lunch, the snow plow came and dug out our driveway/front area, so now we can get out (which is always a nice thing).  The consensus is that we have had 3 feet of snow since we arrived, so there is just this beautiful blanket of white 🙂

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