Fun in the Snow

Today was a great day!  But firstly an update on last night.  We had a beautiful home-made Spaghetti Bolognese, which was jsut superb.  Bill put all sorts of fresh veggies in it, and all of us ended up having bigger eyes than stomachs πŸ™‚  We then headed downstairs fora couple of games of Foozeball (with Antony slaughtering us) and quite a few games of pool, played in pairs.  All of us then sat down in front of the massive tv and watched a comedy show series that Andrew had brought with him – the jokes have continued well into today, but the sort of jokes that would make no sense to you all so I won't bore you with them.  The funniest one though is all about Wikipedia – Wikiality πŸ™‚

So this morning after everyone had breakfast, we headed off to a snow park, but got stuck in traffic.  Adrian and I were with Antony and Kelly, and we found a nice little sledding hill and snow mobile area, so we stopped there.  It was $10 to use the sledding hill for an hour, and that included the sled (toboggan) hire.  The 4 of us had an awesome time.  We went down on our backs, on our fronts, doubles, singles … Adrian and I even went on our stomachs with me holding onto his feet.  It was good exercise walking back up the hill to do each run too, coz it was quite a hike!  On the way back up one time Adrian and I stopped so that I could make a snow angel.  I couldn't believe how deep the snow was – it came up to my knees!  So we took photos of my snow angel and then had a good snow fight, before having another couple of runs down the hill.

By this time the others (who had gone in separate directions) were at the same place we were.  So some of us deciced to try out the snow mobiles – they were $50 for half an hour, which was just long enough.  Dennis and John went on one, Andrew and Melinda on one, Antony and Kell on one, and Adrian and I got one.  While we did that Damien and Nicole tried out the sledding hill.  The snow mobiles were so awesome – Adrian drove for a few laps, then I had a go πŸ™‚  Then Adrian drove some more until it was time to stop.  The next adventure was then to find somewhere for lunch.

We were recommended a nice place on the lake called Beacons so we headed off there.  On the way we saw all the traffic going the other way trying to get home coz it's been snowing all last night and all day.  I guess people are worried that they won't get home for work in the morning, being a sunday here.  So we got to the restaurant/hotel, ordered drinks and lunch, and then about 10 minutes later the power went out.  While they were waiting to see what would happen they brought out some chips and salsa (partly coz Antony insisted) that was 'on the house'.  Once we had finished that, the waiter came over to tell us the bad news – they were unable to continue cooking, so we would have to go somewhere else for lunch – he recommended Burger Lounge.  We got there to discover they also didn't have power, so it was off to a good burger place Andrew knew.  They were open so we all had burgers and fries – a good hearty meal after a day in the snow!  

Since coming home, we have all just been relaxing, until about half an hour ago when all the men decided they should get started on their planning sessions.  So they are downstairs doing presentations – I think one from the CEO, one from a product perspective and one from sales and marketing.  But other than that I have no idea what they're talking about, and I have no need to either.  Us girls are now fending for ourselves – Kelly and Nicole are upstairs in the lounge reading, and Melinda and the dog are asleep on the lounge I'm next to.  So I think that's all from me – I'm going to keep talking to people on Skype and msn, and then might read some of the Calvin & Hobbes book I found.  

Hope you are all well.  Miss you heaps, and love to all xoxo

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