Orlando to San Fran

We got on the plane soon after I finished the last blog, and 3 hours later we were in Dallas – starving because American Airlines don't feed you, or even offer anything decent for you to buy on short flights.  We had McDonalds (at least we knew what we were getting) at the airport and then went and waited for our connecting flight to San Francisco.  We were going to have to wait for about 2 and a half hours to board at 3.30 local time, but we didn't end up boarding til close to 4.30, and then spent close to 2 hours on the plane, waiting for clearance.  The weather was bad in San Fran, so they were limiting how many planes could land, hence why we kept getting pushed further and further back.  By this stage it was dinner time, so we were tired, hungry and hoping never to see the inside of a plane every again!  We finally got to San Fran, got all our bags, and headed for the taxi rank.  We managed to get ourselves a crazy driver who had no idea where to go (even though we warned him our hotel was actually in Palo Alto) and drove at speeds hovering between about 120 and 160km/hr – I'm surprised we made it to our hotel at all, no less in one piece!

So we went upstairs to our room, ate the leftover chips from the plane flight, and went to bed.  We then got up early and had a lovely breakfast down the road at the Coupa Cafe, before dropping 3 of our 4 suitcases at Andrew's house, which was about 3 blocks from the hotel.  Adrian and I went in the car with Damien and Nicole, and we all met at the Ephox office, so I got to meet some more of Adrian's workmates.  After sorting out who was going in what car, and where all the luggage would fit, we were finally on our way to Lake Tahoe.  But wait, yet another detour, this time to collect Dennis' glasses that he accidentally left in a taxi, but had been returned to his hotel – who knew there were 2 Crowne Plazas in the area, and of course we had to go to the wrong one first didn't we.  We had a GPS in our car, but the others didn't, so we soon lost eachother.  

The drive was actually quite pleasant, only taking about 5 hours, which included a lunch stop, driving in snow, and through 'avalanche areas'.  Slowly the others started arriving too, and so we all worked out where we were going to sleep.  Andrew (CEO) and Melinda are on the 3rd level in the master area and Adrian and I are in the only bedroom on the 2nd floor.  Damien and Nicole, Tom, and John (chairman of the board) are in rooms on the 1st floor and Dennis (board member) and Bill (COO) are in the guest house.  Once we got that sorted those who were planning on skiing then went out to organise hire of skiis and appropriate clothing etc.  While they were gone, Bill Adrian and I worked out what to do about food and meals for the next few days, so that when the others got back the 3 of us plus Melinda then went and did the grocery shopping.  Adrian and Bill went one way with a trolly, and Melinda and I went the other with another trolly – we met back at the end and spent a fortune!!  Once home, the others helped unpack while fresh pizzas were cooked in the oven.  We all sat down to dinner together, and then headed downstairs for a game of foozeball or pool, while some wathced tv.  We all hit the sack around 10ish to get a good night's sleep for our snow day ahead.

This morning we got up, had cereal for breakfast (while others had bacon and eggs) and got dressed for the snow.  We tooke a couple of cars to the gondola, and all rode up together, except Adrian and I got off at the first stop to have a look at the view.  The view is absolutely spectacular over the lake and surrounding mountains.  We got back onthe gondola and headed to the top, where if you weren't skiing there wasn't an awful lot to do.  We could have paid $25 each to go 'tubing' for an hour, but we didn't see the point.  The annoying thing was that the others had hired us a little plastic toboggan type thing, but we weren't allowed to take it up with us.  So we wandered around for a bit, and then caught the gondola down to the bottom, and then a taxi home.  

Adrian, Bill and I are the only ones home, so we are about to have some lunch, then Adrian and I are going to try the outdoor hot tub.  Hopefully we won't freeze to death and I'll be able to tell you all about it soon 🙂

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