We survived the hot tub – just!  It was set on 120 degrees farenheit which was seriously hot – I couldn't even bare to stand up in it, but once we turned it down and waited for a bit it was much better.  Antony (VP of sales and marketing) and Kelly just arrived, so we gave them the tour and decided we might all try the hot tub again tonight.  They have gone to the shops to pick up a few things (including togs for Kelly).  Bill has gone to have a sleep, so it's just Adrian and I … oh and the dog.  

I forgot to mention that Andrew and Melinda brought their dog, Matilda with them.  She is a Bullmastiff, so basically she's so ugly that she's kinda cute.  She's fairly well behaved, except she can get in the way a lot.  But she's happily asleep at the moment, snoring her little head off.

The other thing I forgot to mention was that when we went up to the ski fields, we saw a group of 3 girls with Australian flags draped around them, as well as all sorts of Aussie stuff, celebrating Australia Day 🙂

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  1. heyyyy janno!!!! well, its definately still summer in aus here. even tho i just spoke to u on msn, i thought i wud leave u a comment! ^_^ uni starts on feb25 so theres still about a month of holidays for us left. my brother goes back to school on wednesday.. sucker… hehehehe.

    let me know when you are coming back to brisbane for a visit ^_^ we can catch up and grab a coffee or something ^_^

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