Lotusphere Update

So while Janet's been off exploring DisneyWorld I've been hard at work at Lotusphere. Overall it went really went – met lots of interesting prospects, clients and IBM execs and made lots of good contacts. I was supposed to facilitate a "Birds of a Feather" session this morning but since it was at 7am on the last day after the big conference party, required you to skip breakfast and wasn't listed in any of the printed schedules, I considered myself lucky to have one guy turn up. Nice guy though – a fellow Aussie from Melbourne – so we spent half and hour chatting about various things and called it quits. It worked out well though as it meant I had plenty of time to get back to the hotel, pick up Janet and head to the airport.

Wednesday night Ephox sponsored a couple of big parties which was really good – got our name out there quite well. We had pretty much all the top IBM Lotus executives there and a whole heap of other clients. The second party was the big one for us and was Australia day themed. Apparently about 4 years ago when the party spontaneously started it was actually Australia Day during Lotusphere, but they've been celebrating it whenever it's convenient ever since. It's considered the A-List party at Lotusphere so I spent most of the night being grabbed by people to thank me for getting them an invite. We'd actually sent out about twice as many invites as we could fit into the place so if your name wasn't on the list you weren't getting in. Seemed to work to make even more people keen to come along.

We also ran an Australian Slang competition at our booth where people came and got a badge with an Aussie slang term on it – wore it around the conference and tried to find the other person with that bag to go into the draw to win a Nintendo Wii. It was extremely popular but apparently finding your match among 9000 people was a little difficult so we wound up spreading all the left over badges on the floor and let anyone who could find a match among them enter. It caused quite a stir and a huge crowd gathered round the booth. None of them interested in our products but oh well.

Anyway, our flight's boarding so I must run.

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