Oh my gosh, this place is awesome!!  It's like a zoo with rides – there is so much to see and do, I spent 4 hours just walking around looking at everything.  First I went on the Kilimanjaro Safari, where you ride in an open air safari vehicle through an African savanna.  We saw giraffes, gazelles, elephants, rhinos, lions, zebras, monkeys, crocodiles, and heaps more.  For once in my life I could have put Dad to shame with my happy-snappy-ness 🙂 lol  While in 'Africa' I also went on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, where I saw gorillas, meerkats and all sorts of birds and fish.  I've never been so close to a gorilla before – it was right up near the edge of the enclosure so I was probably only about 10m from it!  

I then caught the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch, where I saw some really cute cotton-top tamarins, and walked through the indoor conservation station.  I then caught the train back, and ventured round to 'Asia", where I wandered through the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  Here I saw giant fruit bats, birds, tapirs (weird looking wild-pig type animal), Komodo dragons (the world's largest lizard) and tigers.  I was then going to go on the Kali River Rapids ride, as it looked similar to the river rapids ride we have at Dreamworld.  I changed my mind when not just a few people, but everyone that came off the ride was practically drenched!  So with that, I walked around through DinoLand USA, and made my way out of the park to catch the bus back to the resort.

On the bag front, there was a major mix-up with my suitcase.  American Airlines sent it to the resort, but the name the airline has for the luggage is William Henderson (Brett's 'real' name) because the idiot guy at Brisbane airport checked all 5 of of the bags under his name.  Anyway, when the bag got to the resort, they couldnt' find the name in their system (probably because he is checked in a Brett) so they sent it back to the aiport!!  So I rang American Airlines, explained the story, and they are sending the bag out again.  I have spoken to the bag people here to let them know it is on its way, so hopefully this time it will get to one of us . . .

The other thing I forgot to mention is that my keycard that lets me into my room, also lets me pay for anything I want at the resort, as well as anywhere in Disneyworld – dangerous for the credit card, but a very clever and practical concept.

Well that's it from me for todya – tomorrow is my last adventure in Orlando, Hollywood Studios.  Hope everyone is well.  Please email me or leave a comment on our blog to let me know how you're going and what you've been up to.

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  1. That room card sounds like very scary stuff for Adrian!! Glad to hear you’re having fun Jabs. Can’t wait to see some photos. Love ya

  2. Dear JB and Adrian
    Glad to hear that Janet is having so much fun – the Animal Kingdom certainly sounds awesome. Can’t believe that you could take more pics than Dad. Please keep us updated with your bag saga. Heard you were chatting to Eenie on Skype – most impressive! Dad is going to try and convince Een to leave her computer running early in the morning so that you can call her when you like.
    lotsalove to you both

  3. It will be hard to live in the real world after a week in the theme parks – sounds pretty awesome. Love the diaries and look forward to the news every day. We forgive you already if you can’t keep it up, but we do love it.

    What are we up to – well nothing anywhere near exciting. Today we went Geocaching with my neice and nephew who need babysitting during the school holidays. We found four round Ipswich which made for a pretty cool day as far as the kids were concerned. We loved it too and got to see a conservation park in Ipswich I did not even know was there. No wonder we are from the backward boguns clan. Had a very late BBQ lunch with the kids and safely delivered them back to their parents. Did the nursing home visit thing and came home and had fruit salad for dinner and baked two batches of shortbread.

    Tomorrow is a work day – was nice to have a day off today. I am sure you will both have more fun tomorrow. How did Adrian’s Breakfast Birds of a Feather session go? Love to you both, Michelle

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