So while Janet was touring around Disney World, I was getting into the first few sessions of Lotusphere. Yesterdays sessions were reasonable, but very marketing heavy – the proper conference only really gets started today (yesterday was just for IBM business partners). I'm currently in the pre-keynote rock show, complete with live band, flashing lights everywhere and a smoke filled room. I'll probably spend most of the next few days manning our booth here so not much too exciting to report.

The opening night party last night wasn't much fun given the freezing temperatures – who said Florida was warm??? I've moved up from my warm vest and jacket yesterday to bringing my full fleece, jacket, gloves and beanie this morning – much better.

The forcast for Lake Tahoe today is for snow – never seen that graphic on the weather forcast before…. It's another 10 degrees colder than here so that doesn't bode well. Anyway, back to work…

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