Merry Christmas!

Dear friends and family,

It’s been another hectic year for the two of us, with our first year living together, a wedding and planning to move to the UK but somehow we’ve gotten through it all. We started the year off with a trip to Melbourne to ring in the New Year with Janet’s family including Tim, Rachel and Imogen (only 6 weeks old at the time) who were over from the UK. It was the first time Adrian had gotten to meet “the cousins” so it was great to spend some time getting to know them.

Our most exciting news for the year (other than our wedding…) was engagements in both the Sutton and Dalzell families. Katharine and Steve were engaged in March and have preparations well underway for their wedding in March 2008.  Janet’s Dad jokes that his two girls are sending him broke J.  Lisa and Danny were engaged in June and are planning a September 2009 wedding.

Amongst all the new marriages, Sandy and Richard celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a small party at home, and a trip to Leeton to share in Sandy’s sister’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Of course the most important news was that on July 7, we celebrated our own wedding. The day was as beautiful as we’d hoped it to be and it was so touching to have so many people there to share in our joy. Everything went perfectly to plan except the band, which simply didn’t turn up. After some panic, Janet’s cousin Grant – henceforth known as DJ Daddy Mac – came to the rescue and we wound up getting quite a few compliments on how good the music was. The photos from the day are amazing and we’ve been proudly showing off the wedding album once we finally sorted through and picked our favourites. For our honeymoon we headed off to Brampton Island for five nights of relaxation. Being winter the island was nice and quiet, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to have more than a very quick dip in the icy cold ocean pool.

The other big celebration was Janet’s 21st birthday.  Having just seen everyone at the wedding, we celebrated with close family on the Kookaburra Queen.  Janet’s best friend Fran then took her to Cairns for 4 days as a combined birthday/graduation present.  They had a great time, going on the Minjin Swing, spending the day at Kuranda, and going out for dinner on the esplanade – it was a lovely ‘girly’ weekend away.

Adrian’s work this year has seen quite a few changes with him being promoted first to Product Manager and more recently to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The new role has a lot more focus on the business side of things but still plenty of technical work to be done. The new role also ties nicely in with our plans to move to the UK as it’s not as tied to the Australian development team so can be done just as well from over there.

Janet has been very busy with her final year of uni, having 8 weeks of prac and 4 weeks of internship, all at Moreton Bay College.  She thoroughly enjoyed her time at MBC, particularly her time as in intern, where she was able to teach all her lessons unsupervised.  Janet built up a wonderful rapport with the girls, and received glowing reports from her supervising teacher, as well as other colleagues and friends.  Having graduated with flying colours, her final hurdle was the s-rating interview process, where beginning teachers are given a rating of 1-4 (with 1 being the highest).  The rank is based on prac reports, response to the selection criteria, and most importantly the presentation given during the interview.  Her hard work throughout the year paid off when she received notification that she was awarded an S1!

Janet has continued her involvement with the Queensland Youth Choir, who this year recorded and released a Christmas CD.  She also competed in their in-house competition, Presidents Trophy Night, where she stunned family and friends by performing a raunchy comical duet.  Janet is not as busy with Christmas performances this year, and so is looking forward to attending Carols in the City with Adrian and her family.

Adrian’s creative side has had a fairly quiet year with the band just ticking away and not doing much. Early in the year we had the big premiere of Redemption 101, the science fiction movie he acted in last year and it was very satisfying to see all that hard work finally make it onto the big screen. While reviews were very good, Hollywood is still not returning calls.

Our big plans for next year are to move over to London and see the world. Originally we were planning to leave in April, after Katharine’s wedding but Adrian’s work wants to set up a UK presence as soon as possible so our flights are all booked to leave on the 19th of January. We’ll be spending two weeks in the US on the way as Adrian has a conference and planning meetings for work. It works out well though with the conference being at DisneyWorld, Orlando and the planning meetings being at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe, so Janet will be living it up while Adrian’s slaving away. The change of date came as quite a surprise, with it all being finalized in less than a week so we’ve got a lot to do before then. We’ll still be flying back for Katharine and Steve’s wedding in March so there is already a lot of travel in our future.

While we’re away we’ll be keeping a log of our travels and sharing photos with everyone on our new website, We’ll also make sure and put our UK contact details up there once we know what they are.


We wish you all the very best in the New Year and a very Merry Christmas.

Adrian and Janet

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